Benefits of this Lunge Sequence

  • As a Workout

    This sequence takes your spine through the 6 ranges of motion
    It lengthens your hamstrings
    It builds strength in the muscles in your back

  • As a Practice

    The challenge of working in water teaches you better body awareness, improves your posture and greatly improves your balance with no impact

  • As a Lifestyle

    Aqua yoga reduces pain and stress and is still grounded in the philosophical traditions of yoga
    What could be more fun than finding your inner mermaid through yoga

What others say about Christa

“Words to live by: An hour doing water yoga with Christa makes for a good day.”

Aqua Yoga Student


“Christa Fairbrother is a super teacher and really knows her yoga.”

Aqua Yoga Student


“Christa is an excellent yogi and I love her classes!!!”

Aqua Yoga Student


What's Included

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    Aqua Yoga for a Healthy Back Lunge Sequence

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    • Aqua Yoga for a Healthy Back Lunge Sequence Video

    • Aqua Yoga for a Healthy Back Lunge Sequence

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    More Aqua Yoga Options

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